Artistic direction

The artistic direction of Vox Day is ensured by Davide Catinari, musician, author and international music promoter. Winner in 1999, together with Vasco Rossi and Daniele Silvestri, of the Lunezia Award for the best lyrics, he also runs his own musical project, Dorian Gray – a substantial discography, whose thickness is confirmed by the continuous attention the national press devoted to his works, including “Narcosuper” (Mescal / Sony, 2003), “Tempi supplementari” (Shinseiki / Audioglobe, 2006) and the recent “Forse il sole ci odia” (2008) published by Coconino Press/Audioglobe.

With Dorian Gray, David Catinari has toured national, European and international stages by tapping the most important in Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the People’s Republic of China, the latter in an important tour of 30 days that brought him to Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou. In November 2009 David Catinari received the Career Award at M.E.I. – Independent Labels Meeting – in Faenza.
In the spring of 2011 Dorian Gray released their new work “La pelle degli spiriti”.

Dorian Gray booking:
DNA concerts – Rome